Christopher Blackmer Takes on Supercross in Front of Hometown Fans

Christopher Blackmer Takes on Supercross in Front of Hometown Fans

Christopher Blackmer, a native of Michigan, recently participated in his debut Supercross race in front of his hometown crowd, with the support of his friends and family. Despite not having ridden a bike for three months, he decided to give it a shot before his upcoming surgery, although he did not have any expectations. Let's hear what he had to say about the experience and whats next for him.


Last weekend you had the opportunity to race your first ever Supercross in front of all your friends and family in Detroit, what was going through your mind as you lined up on the starting gate?

The first thing that ran through my head was, wow I have dreamed of this since I was a little kid. It was such a awesome experience just looking around and realizing how big everything really is when you are on your bike riding.


Did you think making the night show was a possibility or were you solely focused on having fun before your surgery and being sidelined for a while, even though you mentioned you had no expectations initially?

I didn’t think making the night show would have been possible since I haven’t been on a bike in months but I knew there could of been a possibility.I was mainly there to just have fun, take it as a learning experience, and to keep my pro points so I didn’t have to do amateur races next year to get my points back.


What would you say was the sketchiest part of the track? From what I saw, those whoops looked pretty gnarly and seemed to be taking riders out left and right!

The sketchiest part of the track was definitely the whoops. Them things were huge lol. The whole track was kinda sketchy to me since that was the first time I have ever rode a real supercross track before.

As someone who's still fairly young in this sport, I'm curious to know whether you see yourself getting into the Supercross lifestyle in the future or if you plan on sticking to motocross?

I can definitely see my self getting into the Supercross lifestyle. I will more than likely be racing Motocross and Supercross. When I was on the line just looking around I told my self this is exactly where I want to be in the future. It was such a surreal moment.


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Looking ahead, what are your plans after surgery and recovery? What's next on the horizon for Christopher Blackmer?

When I get my back all healed up it will be the starting of supercross training so I will start the grind doing that and I will be trying for the east coast rounds next year. Next year for moto I will more than likely make my way back up to Canada and run the triple crown series again and try some of the last rounds of the AMA pro outdoor races.

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