Injured doesn't mean you're out of the fight, it just confirms you're in one.




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Brandon Welker

I got my first dirtbike at age 3, in 1989, was hooked immediately. continued to ride through highschool, then mostly quit for 4 years while in the military. after the military, I got back on a bike. Cant stop, won't stop. I now have 2 kids, one of them rides for fun, and the other is only 3 years old but will be on a bike as soon as possible. I love the adrenaline and comradery with MX. I work hard to play harder. It's even more fun now to enjoy riding with my kids. I'm from MN, so i try to race every weekend from spring through fall. riding in the winter is tough. I've been behind a wrench almost all my life from trucks to toys. I'll do anything once! If you see me on the track, please introduce yourself! You'll probably find me messing around with somebody having a good time. I love to meet new people and I'm always down for a road trip!



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