DT1 MX Park added
Irondog MX added

East Fork added

Echeconnee MX added
Silver Dollar MX removed
Moto X Removed
Idaho Falls Raceway removed

Hoosier Hilltoppers removed
Ironman Raceway removed
Tri State M/C removed
Wabash Cannonball M/C removed
Racers Edge MX removed
I-64MX removed

River Bottom Motocross removed
Nomads MX removed
NCC MX removed
Fan Ridge MX added
Maricopa Motorsports Park added
3CMX added
Sherlock's Sand Track added
Zeigler added
Valley Rally Raceway removed

Motokazie Supercross removed
The Pit MX removed
Double Eagle MX removed
Billings Motorcycle Club removed
Electric City Dirt Riders removed
Hungry Horse Motocross Track removed
Fiddler Creek removed

Hidden Valley added
GRMX Park removed (Closed)
Winnemucca MX removed
10th Street Motocross removed
Broome Tioga Sports Center removed
Claverack MX removed
Jack's Racing removed
Map added to Michigan
Map added to Alabama
Map added to Arizona

Map added to Colorado
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Sandusky Valley Riders removed
Map added to Ohio
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Map added to Oregon
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Map added to Rhode Island
SOBMX removed
Map added to South Carolina
Jackpine Gypsies removed
James Valley Cycle Club removed
Map added to South Dakota
Map added to Tennessee
Map added to Texas
Iron Mine Race Park removed
Ogden Cycle Association removed
Map added to Utah
Map added to Vermont
Map added to Virginia
Olympic Peninsula M/C removed
Map added to Washington
Map added to West Virginia
Map added to Wisconsin
Laramie County Motocross Park removed
Map added to Wyoming
Midsouth MotoX removed
Dakota Motocross removed
Mandan Motocross removed
Skyview Raceway removed
Wildwood Lake Raceway removed
Del City MX removed
Oklahoma Motorsports Complex removed
Reynard Raceway removed
High Point Raceway removed
Irish Valley Motocross removed
Miles Mountain MX removed

Oak & Harrow Motocross removed
Revolution MX Park removed
Little Valley MX Club removed
MX211 removed
Muddy Creek Raceway removed
Johnsonville Mx Farm LLC removed
Swan MX removed
Bunker Hill MX removed
Hot Springs Raceway removed
Iron Horse Ranch removed
Big Boys Playground removed
Birch Creek Motorsports removed
Charles City Dirt Riders removed
Pro Sport MX removed
Rivers Edge Outdoors removed
Hannegan Speedway removed
Oak Harbor MX removed
Pomeroy Memorial MX Track removed
Mason Motocross removed
Arkansaw Cycle Park removed
Aztalan Cycle Park removed
Team Burch Racing removed
Grantsburg Motocross removed
Riverview ATV Park removed
3-Poles ORV removed

Aztec Raceway removed
Milford Riders Club removed
Sunnyside Atv Paradise removed (Lawsuit Issues)
Owyhee Motorcycle Club removed

NXT Level Easley removed (Closed)

Grays Harbor ORV removed (Moving)

Morgan's Corner Proving Grounds added
Promised Land MX added
Valentine Valley MX added

Russell Creek Motocross added
Jordan River OHV added
Outlaws Compound added
Lazy Springs Recreation Park added
Outback MX added
MX 25 added
Bragg Bud MX added

Country map added to main page

Hills of Fire MX added
HogWaller ATV Park added

Photo added to Crossbone MX
Photo added to McLarty MX
Photo added to Phenix City Motocross
Photo added to Lake Elsinore Motocross Park
Photo added to Argyll MX Park
Photo added to Barona Oaks MX
Photo added to Mesa Motocross Park
Photo added to Miami MX Park
Photo added to Calhoun Motocross
Photo added to Lazy River MX
Photo added to Talking Rock Arena
Photo added to Archview MX Park
Photo added to Mount Carroll MX Park
Photo added to Razors Edge MX
Photo added to Bar 2 Bar MX
Photo added to GBMX

Brooks International Raceway added
74MX removed (Closed)



Photo added to Red Dirt Road MX

Oklahoma Motorsports Complex added
Roaring Knob MX added


Midwest Motocross Club removed
Portland Trail Riders removed
Tulie MX removed

I-81 Motorsports Park removed (Closed)
Diamondback Motocross removed
Moto40 MX Park removed
Dutch Sports Removed

Sunset MX added

Aonia Pass MX removed (Racing Only)
Lake Town MX added